The missing link for data-driven healthcare and innovation.

Financial Incentives and a secured platform

HIT Foundation
is for organisations

  • looking for individuals participating in research
  • monitoring treatment outcomes
  • managing the consent to analyze existing health data, possible sharing revenues with the individuals who generated the data
  • rewarding individuals for certain behavior, e.g. treatment adherence or reaching a goal in prevention programs
  • offering services for crypto-currency
  • targeting individuals with tailored information

Submit your survey idea!

While growing our community we would like to keep the user’s engaged and offer opportunities to earn tokens. Therefore, we are sponsoring the necessary tokens for surveys on health related issues. If you are an organization looking for individuals who can provide data, please submit your idea!

Engaging affected populations and volunteers during and after catastrophes in Guatemala

Supporting tuberculosis medication adherence

National Lung Hospital. Vietnam

Tackling key healthcare and health system challenges

In partnership with renowned health actors globally

Improving clinical trial recruitment,
enrollment & retention

Working towards universal health coverage

Reducing out-of-pocket payments in low-income countries

Increasing appointment bookings online

Maximizing replies to patient experience surveys

Boosting vaccination rates

Addressing current & future health challenges with technology that works

Token Economy

Matches health information seekers with people who provide data through a decentralized marketplace. Health information can be used to redeem Services. The token can be used to modify behavior and as a Reward in Prevention or Loyalty Programs.


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