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18th June 2019, Switzerland – Following a venture round funding which raised over $500K CHF, HIT Foundation have announced details of their STO event commencing 19th June 2019, 00:00 CEST. Aiming to provide a decentralized platform for matching information seekers with individual and unlock the $536 billions worth of digital health market in 2025, HIT Foundation uses NEM blockchain technology and smart contracts to empower the individual to take back control of their data and monetize their data by sharing to truth-worthy health partners.

“ HIT Foundation enables healthcare stakeholders to acquire data from individuals to improve treatments and eliminate inefficiencies as well as to save them time and costs,” said Dr. Eberhard Scheuer, Chairman and Founder of HIT Foundation. He added, “Tokenizing health data is a revolutionary way to motivate individuals to digitize and share their data.”



HIT Foundation have announced Security Token Offering (STO) will be held on their own website, where participants will be able to purchase HITC tokens. In preparation for the STO, HIT Foundation completed a rigorous evaluation process that included comprehensive compliance and regulatory reviews.

The HIT contributor tokens (HITC) are issued and sold to investors/contributors to build and run the platform (asset token). HITC owners thereby gain the right to receive a share of a 5% transaction fee that is collected from the information seekers and will be divided equally among all HITC tokens.

The STO will officially start at 00:00 CEST on Monday, June 17th.

“The distributed architecture of HIT allows for a secure and anonymous matching between information seekers and individuals who can provide the necessary information without the need of a central database and intermediaries,” said Vega Paithankar, CTO of HIT Foundation. He added, “Filtering is done only on the device/app to ensure user privacy.”

The HIT platform boasts a sophisticated token economy, and a working product, as well as a unique architecture that allows off-chain data to remain with the individual user while a matching according to the individual’s data can be made. Contrary to most health data exchange projects the HIT platform is a decentralized application and does not store any data. Therefore rapid global expansion and compliance with regional data protection laws are ensured.


About HIT Foundation

HIT Foundation matches people seeking health information with those who provide it through a decentralized marketplace. Health information is tokenized and thereby converted into the healthcare currency of the future.


About NEM

HIT Foundation is the first healthcare solution being directly supported by and built on NEM (http://nem.io). NEM allows for high scalability and low transaction costs. Use cases are to be predominantly built on public blockchains albeit hybrid solutions can be offered in accordance with local laws and jurisdictions


To sign up, visit: https://hit.foundation/token-offering/

For more information, visit the website: https://hit.foundation

Join the conversation on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoundationHit

Chat on Telegram: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@hitfoundation

Check out the News: https://hit.foundation/news/

Connect to the team via Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/27122789


Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Isaac Chan

Contact Email: ic@hit.foundation

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