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HIT Foundation awards €500’000 in HIT tokens for the best ideas

New deadline for submissions: August 31st!

You have a great use-case for the application of HIT?  Then apply in one of the five categories and become a partner of HIT Foundation! HIT Foundation awards 5 million HIT tokens (= €500’000) to the best projects. Help support our vision to build equitable & sustainable healthcare, enabled by shareable data, with the individual at the center of care.



Submit your application online – tell us how you would use our decentralized marketplace for health data and/or our HIT tokens as an incentive to drive positive behaviors in digitizing, maintaining and/or sharing Health data.


  1. Research  – Submit a research project that intends to use the HIT platform to access and recruit participants and/or compensate them for making their data shareable.
  2. General exchange of health data for tokens – How can your processes be optimized when you incentivize people with HIT tokens to digitize their health data? Use your imagination: health insurances, hospitals, pharmacies, doctors offices etc.
  3. Prevention & Behavioral Modification  – Use HIT tokens to incentivize healthy behavior and risk detection.
  4. Make data shareable – You have a use case where individuals can get access to their health data and make them shareable and traceable? You can be from Industry (Pharma, MedTech, ICT & Connected Health) or government or just someone who sits on a lot of data!
  5. Health-related Services – You want to offer a medical service or treatment to the HIT community? Or you help them to detect early warnings of diseases? The opportunities on HIT are infinite!


The jury consists of our advisors and an expert panel who will review the applications. For each category the jury selects the Top 5 projects. If selected, you will be invited for an interview (online or F2F). Following on, the field is narrowed down to a shortlist of 3 for each category. Those 15 projects would have already secured at least 200’000 HIT tokens. The Foundation board will select the most suitable projects as finalists for each category. The finalist will be invited to Zurich on the 26th of September 2018 to present their project at the Blockchain4Healthcare Conference which is part of the Digital Health Forum 2018. The Winner, i.e. the best project of all 5 finalists will be determined on the spot by a popular vote of our Telegram channel members and the conference audiences.

  • Winner:           1 x          1’000’000 HIT
  • Finalist:           4 x             500’000 HIT
  • Shortlist:         10 x           200’000 HIT


You must either be a company with a running business and user base or have at least an MVP or a prototype of an application to be eligible for this competition.


  • Innovation
  • Number of users and market reach
  • Maturity of Team & Company


Participants can submit applications in the pre-defined format by August 31st, 2018. The jury will review all submissions and then issue invitations to the selected candidates. 


The 5 finalists present their project proposal at the Blockchain4Healthcare Conference 2018 which is part of the Digital Health Forum in Zürich.


Please note that all finalists are responsible for their own flights, travel and accommodation expenses. Participants will however, be provided with 3 VIP conference tickets to the conference.


Send us a short description of your idea

Send us a short description of your idea