Blockchain & Healthcare Solutions HIT Award
Finalist’s Presentations



Use of HIT and Big Data to detect mental health and disorder to help institutions have productive members, and prevent dangerous situations

Dr. Tuan Q. Phan, Professor, National University of Singapore


Using HIT tokens and blockchain technology in monitoring senior people’s health.

Arcun Tanju, CEO, Affinity Home Care, Walnut Creek, United States


Checking your personal medication for interactions and contra indications through HIT.

Marco Egbring MD, CE0 & Founder, Switzerland

Voting Criteria

  • Real-world relevance
  • Number of people who can be reached short-, medium-, and long-tern
  • Innovative use of the HIT platform and the HIT tokens
  • Feasibility

Voting Period

  • The voting link will be disclosed at noon, during lunch break
  • Voting is allowed Wednesday, September 26th, 3 – 3:30 p.m- CEST
  • Announcement of the Winner 3:30 p.m. CEST



1’000’000 HIT Tokens in the countervalue of € 100’000.-


500’000 HIT Tokens in the countervalue of 50’000.-

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