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Tokenization of health data enables everybody to generate value from his data & pay health services with tokens! Our mission is equitable and sustainable healthcare through shareable data with the individual at the center of care.

3.8 bn

Half the world‘s population, lack access to essential health services according to World Bank and WHO. One of the main reasons is poverty.


of internet users are willing to share their health data with their health insurance if they receive incentives. 79% of German online users want the power to decide who can view their health data

$536 bn

is volume of the global digital health market by 2025. A substantial part comes from the monetization of individual’s data and belongs to the people!

A blockchain-based marketplace: the missing link to motivate YOU to digitize YOUR personal health data


No central database due to distributed architecture and blockchain technology


The HIT token aligns the motivation of all network participants and promotes digitization of information

Global platform

Execution of new or existing business cases in healthcare on top of the HIT platform

Token Economy


Individuals are interested in earning tokens. In order to do so they must be willing to digitize their health-related data and make them shareable

Phase 2

Information seekers must acquire tokens in order to compensate individuals for giving access to their data – Existing data holders can enrich their data or earn tokens by making data accessable.

Phase 3

Tokens can be used to redeem Services – Tokens can be used in Loyalty programs

System – How it works

Process of Token Transfer and Data Access

The HIT aligns network participants to achieve common goals — the growth of the network and the appreciation of the HIT token. Based on smart contracts the user/patient can receive tokens corresponding to the “value” of the data that is assigned by the information seeker. The smart contract that is incorporated in the request determines the access to the data and the transfer of token under the agreed conditions.

Token Distribution

  • Crowdfunding 30%
  • User Tokens / Registration Bonus 25%
  • Foundation reserve 20%
  • Founders & Team 12%
  • Strategic Partner Tokens 10%
  • Bounty 3%


Total Token Supply               1'000'000'000 (1 billion cap)
Token Type                              NEM Mosaic, 6 decimals
Fundraising total                   € 25 Mio

Private Sale Spring 2018 (Bank Transfer, ETH, BTC, XEM)
50 Mio HIT      (50% discount=€ 0.05) = € 2.5 Mio

Crowdfunding Summer 2018 (ETH, BTC, XEM, Bank Transfer)
       Tier 1 | 80 Mio HIT (20% discount = € 0.08) = € 6.4 Mio
       Tier 2 | 90 Mio HIT (10% discount = € 0.09) = € 8.1 Mio
       Tier 3 | 80 Mio HIT (0% discount = €0.1) = € 8 Mio

Our Experienced Team

Dr. Eberhard Scheuer

Dr. Eberhard Scheuer

Founder & Chairman

Eberhard holds a PhD in psychology and views healthcare always from the patient’s point of view. He has been a researcher, lecturer, therapist, digital health entrepreneur, and networker for two decades. He started to use tokens in order to change human behavior in the early 90’s.

Elizabeth Chee

Elizabeth Chee

COO & Co-Founder

Elizabeth holds a BA in Business Management from the Nanyang Business School in Singapore. She has over a decade of international experience leading sales and operations across Asia, Europe and the US in the ICT sector. She believes in leveraging technology as an enabler to empower and enrich the lives of users and patients through HIT in the global Healthcare ecosystem.

Vega Paithankar

Vega Paithankar


Vega has been working on the development of cryptocurrency for the last years and has extensive experience in large-scale system design, distributed computing, decentralized solutions, applications of cryptographic algorithms, multithreaded and parallel programming. He was a software engineer at Google, Oracle and Sun Microsystems and will help us to make HIT Foundation the largest digital health community.

Aleksandar Nikov

Aleksandar Nikov

Software Delivery - CTO

Aleksadar has been the head of innovation and engineering at Netcetera AG, one of the leading Swiss software companies, for 15 years. He and his team of software developers specialize in large international projects. They have a strong background in banking as well as healthcare. Aleksandar and his team have taken up blockchain during the last years.

Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard, MBA

Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard, MBA

Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder

Quy has a broad background from natural science to business management. She holds a PhD in Computational Biomedicine from RWTH Aachen and an MBA from EBS University of Business and Law, Germany. She has extensive management experience as a Vice – Dean and an enterprise business manager in a start up for enzyme development. Her passion is deliberately bringing innovation into healthcare system where everybody shares benefits equally.

Isaac Chan

Isaac Chan

Growth Hacker

Isaac has more than 20 years of senior management experience in growth hacking, multichannel retail, and full stack digital and eCommerce in eBay, Kimberly Clark, Dyson, and Sasa.com. He also led digital transformation across various industries and continents.

Roger Curchod

Roger Curchod

Member of the Board of Directors

Roger holds a BA in Economics from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences with focus on Banking and Finance. He is a former CEO of an Asset and Portfolio Management Company and held various management positions in the Private Banking Sector for almost two decades. He beliefs in HIT as a sustainable contribution to society. Roger is member of the board of directors of HIT Foundation

Markus Ott

Markus Ott

Experienced MedTech (Devices & IVDs) & Pharma Leader

Markus has more than 20 years of experience in the MedTech (mainly) and Pharma industry in various commercial (Marketing & Sales, eBusiness) as well as in non-commercial leadership roles (e.g. Global Head of Market Access & Policy). He is a current member of the executive board of MedTech Europe and the SVDI (Swiss Diagnostic Trade Association) and acted as lecturer at University programs. In the last couple of years, he was very much involved in the digitalization process of the industry and associated new business models around “big data”/data security and its value to various stakeholders.

Reto Gadient

Reto Gadient

Education & Member of the Board of Directors

Reto has been at UBS for more than 20 years in marketing of financial services with special experience in crowd innovation, design-thinking and gamification. He runs B.ACADEMY GmbH, a Crypto Valley based education company for blockchain and crypto currencies. Reto is convinced that with the help of HIT personal health data will become a new asset class. Reto holds an eMBA and an MSc in Marketing of Lorange Institute of Business Zurich. Reto is member of the board of HIT Foundation.

Advisory Board

Lon Wong

Lon Wong

Blockchain Technology

Lon is a past President of NEM.io Foundation. He had been instrumental in contributing to the best-of-breed design of the NEM blockchain solution. Lon now spearheads the ProximaX project, a NEM blockchain powered data storage, content delivery and messaging application development platform solution. A Lon’s brainchild project, he has been actively involved in its core development and architecture.

Hsin Hsin Lin

Hsin Hsin Lin

Blockchain & Security

An IT inventor and visionary some 20 years ahead of time. Among others, Lin is the founder of the first virtual museum in the world,1994; the first person in the world authored the phenomenon of cryptocurrency, 1996. Lin specializes in Android, biometrics and blockchain threat intelligence. Lin is an encryption specialist, invented a paradigm shift encryption algorithm, November 2017. Currently, she is architecting the 100% DAG-based next generation Blockchain 3.0 SpaceGraph (TM) Protocol.

Prof. Christian Lovis, MD, MPH

Prof. Christian Lovis, MD, MPH

Medical Informatics & Interoperability

Christian is a fully trained MD in internal medicine and emergency medicine at the university hospitals of Geneva (HUG). He holds a master in Public Health (MPH) from University of Washington, Seattle. His current position is director of the division of medical information sciences at the HUG. He is a fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics (FACMI) and president of the European Federation of Medical Informatics.

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. iur. Christian Dierks

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. iur. Christian Dierks

Medical Law & Privacy

Christian is an attorney specialized in Medical Law, Life Science and Health Care as well as a physician (GP) and professor for health services research at Humboldt University Berlin. He is a founding partner of Dierks+Bohle, Attorneys, law firm with 34 attorneys based in Berlin, Duesseldorf, Brussels, specialized in physician’s law, hospital law, medical devices law, data protection, telemedicine, public procurement, antitrust and compliance in health care.

Jean-Baptiste Decorzent

Jean-Baptiste Decorzent

Strategy & ICO

Jean-Baptiste has 18 years of experience in leading key initiatives and projects for global entities ranging from start-ups and multinationals to governmental and international organizations. Sound expertise in ICT/mobile telecom, humanitarian & development, strategic planning & partnership, digital financial inclusion and blockchain. He is a creative thinker and adept at executing challenging projects and solving complex problems around the world.

Dr. Sibylle Peuker

Dr. Sibylle Peuker

User Experience

Sibylle holds a PhD in computer science from Humboldt University in Berlin. She is an expert in user-centered design of digital applications especially in the health care sector. Conversational bots are her specialty. She is a partner in the Zeix AG a Zurich based agency specializing in user-centered design.

Joseph Elborn

Joseph Elborn


Joe is the President of the European Health Parliament’s 3rd edition.


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