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Health Information Traceability

HIT Foundation

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A Blockchain-based Online Marketplace for Personal Health Data

The Health Information Traceability (HIT) Foundation offers a blockchain-based online marketplace for personal health data that allows individuals to trace data usage and participate in its monetization. The individual is the one granting access to his data under a smart contract that determines the conditions of the data usage by information seekers such as market researchers, academic institutions or hospitals. HIT Foundation is the first ecosystem that allows everybody to get rewarded for sharing health information digitally instead of paying others to process or store it. The HIT token is used as an incentive and aligns the motivation of all network participants. At the same time, blockchain technology allows to maintain the privacy of the user/patient. The distributed system supports the global execution of new or existing business cases for information seekers on top of the HIT platform without the need for intermediaries.


Blockchain-based Marketplace for Health Data  Traceability & Monetization for Users


1st Ecosystem for users to be rewarded for providing Health Info

Decentralized System

Distributed System for Global Execution of new or existing Business Cases for Information Seekers

Everybody who has tried to centralise health data failed! As an individual I must be in control of my data and decide for what purpose it is being used by whom and when.

Dr. Eberhard Scheuer

Chairman, HIT Foundation

Network participants


Individuals are interested in earning tokens

Phase 2

Information seekers must acquire tokens in order to compensate individuals for giving access to their data – Existing data holders can enrich their data or earn tokens by making data accessable.

Phase 3

Tokens can be used to redeem Services – Tokens can be used in Loyalty programs

HIT met PM of Slovenia

At the WEF 2018 we met the prime minister of Slovenia who told us that his country is crypto friendly. He also invited us to come to extend our activities to Slovenia.

HIT Foundation at World Economic Forum 2018

We participated at the #WEF2018 #bc4g panel discussion #2: “Blockchain and the Future of Humanity” in Davos. Healthcare and blockchain seems to be a perfect match! #blockchain4good #Healthcare #eHealth...