Health Information Traceability (HIT)

Control Your Health Information &
Own the Healthcare Currency of the Future


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Tokenization of health data enables everybody to generate value from his data & pay health services with tokens! Our mission is to support sustainable and equitable Healthcare, enabled by shareable data, with individuals at the center of care.

 3.8 bn

Half the world’s population, still lack access to essential health services according to World Bank and WHO. One of the main reasons is poverty.


Of internet users are willing to share their health data with health insurance if they receive incentives.
79% of German online users want the power to decide who can view their health data.

 $536 bn

Is volume of the global digital health market by 2025. A substantial part comes from the monetization of individual’s data and belongs to the people!

A blockchain-based marketplace: the missing link to motivate YOU to digitize YOUR personal health data



No central database due to distributed architecture and blockchain technology



The HIT token aligns the motivation of all network participant and promotes digitization of information


Global platform

Execution of new or existing business cases in healthcare on top of the HIT platform

Token Economy

Phase 1

Individuals are interested in earning tokens. In order to do so they must be willing to digitize their health-related data and make them shareable

Phase 2

Information seekers must acquire tokens in order to compensate individuals for giving access to their data – Existing data holders can enrich their data or earn tokens by making data accessable.

Phase 3

Tokens can be used to redeem Services – Tokens can be used in Loyalty programs.

Home Rev New Model

System – How it works


Process of Token Transfer and Data Access

The HIT platform aligns network participants to achieve common goals — the growth of the network and the appreciation of the HIT token. Based on smart contracts the user/patient can receive tokens corresponding to the “value” of the data that is assigned by the information seeker. The smart contract that is incorporated in the request determines the access to the data and the transfer of tokens under the agreed conditions.

Token Distribution

HITC – Asset token

A total of 5 million HITC tokens are issued. It gives contributors rights in the 5% transaction fee. 3M HITC are to be sold to contributors in order to build and run the platform.

Total Supply of asset tokens: 5’000’000

  • Contributors 3’000’000
  • Foundation 1’000’000
  • Founders & Team 1’000’000

Token Type: NEM Mosaic, 6 decimals

Fundraising total: €25M (3M HITC Tokens)
Method: Bank Transfer, ETH, BTC, XEM

Contributors 3'000'000
Foundation 1'000'000
Founders & Team 1'000'000

Fundraising – Q4 2018*

  • Early contributors (€2.5M) 500K HITC (50% discount= €5)
  • Tier 1 (€6.4M) 800K HITC (20% discount = €8)
  • Tier 2 (€8.1M) 900K HITC (10% discount = €9)
  • Tier 3 (€8.0M) 800K HITC (0% discount = €10)

*Contributors are entitled to 100 HIT as a perk when buying 1 HITC

HIT – a utility and payment token

A total of 1 billion HIT Tokens is distributed to facilitate transactions. It is not used to finance the project but disseminated to individual users, partners, and stakeholders* in order to initiate and facilitate the HIT token economy. After the launch of the app by end of October it can be used to pay individuals for providing data to information seekers. After the initial distribution phase, information seekers must buy the HIT tokens through the crypto-exchanges where the token is listed.

Total Token Supply: 1’000’000’000 (1 billion)
Token Type: NEM Mosaic, 6 decimals
Fundraising total: € 25 Mio

*Contributors are entitled to 100 HIT as a perk when buying 1 HICT

User Tokens / Registration Bonus
Foundation reserve
Founders & Team
Strategic Partner Tokens

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HIT Foundation
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